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  4. Small in both file size and download time, KillEmAll.NET requires no installation and is available for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
    A handy utility to free your system
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  5. Lastly, also added is a list of available sentinel nodes, hosts, and sessions, as well as the ability to connect to the master, or an associated cache host, which supports operations such as sending commands, managing indexing, and background exporting.

    I would have appreciated a few more screenshots, perhaps.

    it relies on Kibana 3

    The solution is completely free for use via the GitHub page

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  7. Whether you use all or some of the settings, VolumeLock deserves to be given its fair share of limelight.
    ○ Requests the user to use a master password.
    ○ Allows the user to add custom actions to the program’s tray icon (left-click).
    ○ There is a help menu so that help for newbies can be found.
    ○ You can disable the main window in order to perform a lighter mode.

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  8. Reviews of XL Toolbox

    Reviews for XL Toolbox

    XL Toolbox Review

    XL Toolbox is an addon to Microsoft Excel,which allows you to accelerate your need to analyze, edit and export data from Excel. The package includes specific functions for statistical analysis and powerful document objects.
    Some of the tools available are:
    Read and import data from various models of plate readers
    Create CSV files from table/list format
    Convert comma-separated formats

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  11. While the app is light on resources, obviously, reducing RAM use is possible only by removing a working app from the startup list.

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    Free to download.
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    When you try to access or transfer files from your iPhone, you can end up experiencing a range of headache-inducing problems.
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    Oakland Athletics closer Blake Treinen has begun a rehab assignment after recovering from a hairline fracture to his right forearm,’s Scott Lauber reports. He threw a three-inning segment at 88-92 mph off the bullpen mound for Single-A Stockton in a Minor League game on Thursday before declaring himself ready for a starting assignment.

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  15. LXiMediaServer is the DLNA compliant media server for DLNA compatible televisions, media boxes, and Blu-ray players.
    It allows you to control access rights to files, plays files with different audio/video resolution, and encodes videos to a number of formats.

    This is the LXiMediaCenter software distribution that includes both the media server and the DLNA compliant client from LXiComputers.

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  16. Smart Links icon is a package collection of 14 small and large scalable icons. The icons in this package are named after common applications such as Browser, Messages, Camera, E-Mail, Storage… etc.
    The icons have a transparent background and all of them are of high resolution (24×24).

    This package contains 18 icons in svg format, designed by Karel Pafnutí.
    They’re vector-based icons, so they’ll save you a lot of
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  17. All you have to do is click the origin and then tweak the control points to distort the image and finally apply the final effect.
    You can change the intensity of different points in the image through a few controls or experiment by editing the output image. Edits to the input will not affect the original images, but their results.
    If you want to change the shape of a face or an object, you can edit the control points. You have control of the regular triangular or control line and the
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  18. There is an overflow that lets you get a picture of your just drawn shapes, which can then be cropped as you like (e.g. to save the cropped version as a screenshot), and the tool allows you to position the screenshot wherever you want it to appear.
    DrawR is a simple and powerful tool that can help you make that next mark, highlight or feedback on a presentation.

    The extension is pretty simple to use and has no set in stone settings, so it can
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  19. DarkView for Chrome Web Store Tap on the extension at Google Web Store to install it. To change the default setting, open the extension settings and use the slider.
    AppLike has a disclaimer, but it looks very good, it has and easy to use interface, and it runs perfectly on both platforms. If you are looking for fun, you can also use the unlocked version now, but it seems to be more of a hardcore game and most reviewers say it’s a lot better on Android
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  20. Key Features:
    Generate UML class models, sequence and activity diagrams, an operate in parallel with MSVS.NET, and then reverse engineering code to UML models. There are predefined templates for most UML diagrams.
    Generate code: Create model in UML and generate J#, C#, C++ or Visual Basic code. Generate by drag-and-drop properties and events to class diagram, create repositories in CSDL. Generate.NET Framework Code
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  21. Users that are more fluent in the language they want to translate from and to will probably find it much easier to use a larger program that has more features in terms of translating and look up translation words.


    – Portuguese

    – Spanish

    – French

    – Czech

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    Applications compatible with Portable En
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    Discuss this Review

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  23. In addition, you can highlight the initial contents of a file, export data to CSV format, fetch clipboard text, and perform text searches. If you can find some other useful utilities in Log Expert, share them in the comments or send your feedback via e-mail.Advanced Tools CMYK Applique Embossing


    This tool is designed for those looking to create « bump » type patterns similar to what made the popular « Lil flowers. »
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    Support for verifying other Identities.

    Support for adding an Identity based on a selected email

    Support for editing an Identity.

    Support for creating instant, temporary identities.

    Support for displaying which emails have been replied to.

    Support for Smart Reply from an Identity.


    Installation is as easy as!

    Open your Thunderbird mail client and click
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  25. Especially useful for those who listen to audiobooks during work hours or when commuting.
    Based on the application is very simple to use, despite its lack of visual appeal and simplistic interface. Granted, not all users will enjoy working with it but those that like to create their own materials will be delighted with it’s functionality and usefulness.
    Chapter Master is an Audio app.
    Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
    Requires 64-bit processor.
    300 MB.
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  26. Lastly, an important thing to note is that Document.NET can be used for those who expect to develop apps for both Windows and Mac platforms, just like the one currently offered by the Visual Studio 2017.
    You can also use it for those willing to create apps that may be deployed for iOS and Android. Some of the most popular platforms for such apps are iOS, Android, Windows Phone and macOS.
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  27. With Srt2Sup you can transfer subtitles from CRT to your iPhone, iPod or iPad.
    1, 1.1
    iPhone, iPad
    When you open the app you will be shown a window where you can select two options: SRT2SUP and S2S2P. In the first case you get to choose your.SRT file to process while, in the second case, you will have to select the SRT which contains the subtitles whose conversion
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  29. ■ quickly import multiple images from any URL into any selected text to add color images right next to the text. (When using PrintMagic, you will quickly be able to print out coordinated copies of all the data in your Printboard, including all your text, images, file links, URLs, webpages, URL webpages, simple filenames, and any other contents you determine you want to print.).
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  30. In earlier versions of PowerShell your PowerShell process must be elevated to run it. However (Thanks, @JoeCharson for the reminder) in v2.0 and later, it will run fine in a standard PowerShell session.1. Technical Field
    The present invention relates to an interconnect structure for an airframe, and more particularly to a three-dimensional interconnect structure for an airframe comprising at least a plurality of elements each having a pair of mutually adjacent sides to be joined.
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  31. While converting a single printable file, Go2PDF notifies us about its progress in the status area. The main window also indicates the progress and the time spent on each file. The time required to convert a single file can vary depending on the size.

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    Go2PDF has a very useful feature which permits users to add custom
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  32. Developed by TeamThink and published in the ‘News’ section.

    ATine contains hundreds of Free ClipArt, Fonts, Icons, Embed Icons, HotPicture, Wallpapers, and much more.
    The package also includes the Wallpaper club font packs from WordArt.Net that are for use in creating and customizing your own desktop icons with your own Desktop Pictures/Wallpapers/Fonts/ClipArt etc.
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  33. Everything we consume today is made by man. The buildings we live in, the processes we use to build our cars, the games we play, the devices we use to do our jobs, even the languages we use to communicate all of these things come together to form a kind of cultural narrative – a story of the whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.
    Manipulating the structure of this narrative, however, has an innate power to speak to us. We are affect
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  34. ■ Windows Browser Upgrade Utility
    Solution Suite provides an excellent value for investment, and is an effective and cost-efficient tool for deployment and management of software when administered as part of a Solution Suite package.By James Thornton, Contributing Reporter

    LANSING, Mich. – The Democratic group in favor of retaining prohibitions against hiring felons and requiring voter ID is announcing an uphill fight in Michigan’s 2018 election, especially as its candidate for governor has come under scrutiny for
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  35. .
    ■ Events are not evaluated chronologically, and you can not add grand events like « City Convention » (more information about Grand Events…

    This program creates new calendar objects using default settings or user specified settings. It allows for the creation of new calendars and user customizable calendars using Excel. It can also be used to import events from another method such as Word or Outlook. Options include replacing a template, adding a folder or an existing document. Custom properties and functions can be added
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  36. About Ipswitch
    Ipswitch is a developer that offers a comprehensive set of tools for development, deployment and management to enterprise-scale mobile and web applications for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, Android and Windows Mobile-based smartphones, along with solutions supporting the later BlackBerry, Windows CE, Symbian OS, Windows Phone, HP webOS and Bada mobile platforms, as well as for web applications running in a browser on Windows, Linux, OS X and iOS. Ipswitch is a
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