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  12. Our editors review and recommend products to help you buy the stuff you need. If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue. Our picks and opinions are independent from any business incentives.

    Global Disruption: A Revolution in the Operating System Industry Is Coming

    PDF Reader Viewer

    If you want to know whether you can trust a price, always buy the cheapest.

    If you want to know whether you can

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  13. The logic expressed in workflow nets is fairly simple and…

    OUTBREAK™ V1.2 is a commercial multiple infection triffid assay that contains three different promoters for expressing recombinant proteins in plants. The three promoters are the TMV virus coat protein gene promoter, the CaMV 35S promoter, and the Agrobacterium infiltration gene promoter. Most commercial expression cassettes will integrate into the CaMV 35S promoter and, when stably transformed, segregate out of

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  14. 16 Apr 2011

    Let’s start this tutorial series by introducing the person whose hand I’m going to shake 😉
    Chris Holt is quite knowledgeable about MSAS and knows where to put the stops when performing muck ups.

    In this tutorial, Chris is going to cover up to date features like importing stored queries or embedding report templates, namely :

    Persisting users

    Persisting categories

    Local sharing

    Export As Definition (EAD

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  15. If you are looking for a tool that can efficiently deal with the most critical tasks in a network, give BatchPatch a try.
    BatchPatch Windows.NET 4.0
    Once upon a time, Windows NT network administrators would struggle with the task of updating the first stations in the network because of the need of a separate application for handling those tasks.
    With BatchPatch you can check your hosts in one click, install the relevant updates, reboot or shutdown them or enable the

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  16. Background

    I have been using Windows for over 15 years, which tells you something about the quality of software available. I have used DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, 98 and various versions of XP, and I have run my home PC, laptop, netbook, desktops and other such computers off and on at various times.

    Recently I have been building my own computers, my own web servers, and other PCs and laptops, on an almost daily basis.

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  17. Please don’t infringe on those rights.

    SQLGate Recorder is a powerful and professional software recorder which can be used to capture such information in database and script SQL commands. This recorder allows you to record and play back the components of the SQL Commands. It also supports for client and server interaction, and supports for JDBC/OJDBC/ODBC interaction. For each database record retrieved, you may save the text SQL in a simple text format or as HTML format. SQLGate

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  18. « ALAMStor METS-Viewer by Insightful is free software for viewing WorldCat Item Record (WCR) metadata in the electronic format. It allows you to look at, print and export metadata, from the most recent until the previous release. It covers the WorldCat Emulation Metadata Standard (WEM) and Print Specifications. It also offers a powerful batch-processing feature. It is a small and handy program. »


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  19. If you’d like to do more than just put out a few images, you’ll have to go for a different application.

    Kersoex PhotoEditor EX

    This environment can be effectively used not only for photo editing and enhancing, but for graphic design as well, including vector editing. You can easily view and modify imported graphics, saving the work as an embedded image or as a bitmap/vector image.

    View your imported image

    Adjust individual

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  20. Hyper3D includes a simulation of a cylindrical path on which you can fly and navigate simply by dragging the cube.
    Built with OpenGL 3+, it can handle 10 or more giga pixels in a single frame.
    For more information visit our website:

    Hyper3D is an easy to use application designed to help you visualize hyperspectral pictures, tridimensional models and medical images.
    Hyper3D provides support for various

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  21. Automate Software Requests

    CLICKER allows you to automatically make a request to the CorelDRAW-Pro image editing software through a custom software request. You can choose between the following actions:
    Open the requested file with the CorelDRAW-Pro image editing software
    Launch the program with the desired interface
    Activate the printer
    Log the request to a file and print it
    Save the request in a text format
    Generate a printout with a scan

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  22. At the same time, taking into consideration the user friendliness and approach, as well as a vast set of customizable options to choose from, MyPixelVault might be a well-rounded and powerful alternative to the already available free photo editing apps.
    If you need to know how to install the app, hit the button below. Otherwise, let us know if you figure it out in the comments.

    Yesterday, we took you through the Galaxy S5 and its battery life and concluded

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